Pictures from Iraq

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Display at "The Brave are Remembered" event
Photo used with permission of:

Elizabeth Byrnes Crony,

Debating building plans
for the C-Hut they're in.

This is the stuff they were
building. A C- HUT for you
military guys...

Weapons Cache

In an Artillery Crater

Justin in Iraq

Their briefing room / T.V. room.
Justin's not in this picture.

The guys building stuff, not sure
what but I'm sure it's stuff...again.
Justin's not in this picture....
at least I can't find him...

2nd Platoon.

A Falluja road sign

Sunrise in Iraq

Bradley Fighting Vehicles
on Patrol

Justin with Friends Mayer and Meaders
Forward Operating Base (FOB) Ellsworth, Task Force TF Craftsman. Justin's unit in Iraq.
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