Friends Reaction to MI Soldier Killed

11/16/04- Close friends of Justin Ellsworth say they can't believe the news. While it was hard to say goodbye to Ellsworth in September, they never thought it would be the last time they would see him. T hey told us he'll be missed, adding he'll never be forgotten.

Christopher King met Justin Ellsworth 10 years ago. He says they instantly clicked, forming a close friendship.

Christopher King, Justin Ellsworth's friend: "He was everything, he was a great friend, a brother, a leader, he never backed down from anything, he never backed down."

When Ellsworth decided to enlist in the military shortly after high school, King says he questioned his decision, but nonetheless supported his best friend.

Christopher King: "I kind of resented it a little, just because of the recent situation out there, supported him because he's my friend."

A friend he never thought he'd ever lose. He says he knew the dangers in Fallujah, but wasn't sure if Ellsworth was there, a nd while word of his death is spreading fast, King and other close friends say it has yet to sink in.

Lisa Kjellbergm Justin Ellsworth's friend: "It's probably the worst thing you can ever imagine, it's not something you expect."

With the unexpected now a reality, Ellsworth's friends are struggling to deal with their loss. They say it's hard to believe the war has hit so close to home, so close to their hearts. F riends and family tell us Ellsworth's funeral will be held in Lansing later this week. Arrangements are still being made.


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