Engineer Company, aka “Charlie Company”



       November will be remembered as the month the Multinational Forces took back Fallujah. Earlier this month two Marine Regiments, two Iraqi Battalions, and several Army battalions stormed the city and took it in six days. Charlie Company was close by supporting when needed. There were many long nights when the Company just watched the fireworks from a distance. After the major fighting in the city was complete, the infantry required protective bunkers and working spaces. Charlie Company, along with other engineer units, entered Fallujah and worked hard to emplace protective measures and to start clearing rubble. Piles of concrete are slowly vanishing. Fallujah will one day be a fully functional city again.

       Over this holiday season, we wish to say to our family and friends that we are very thankful for your love and support. We care about you very much and it keeps us going knowing that you care too. We will be thinking of you, especially through Christmas and New Years.

       We would also like to send our sincerest regards to the Ellsworth Family. We will always remember Justin as a brother. It was our honor to serve with him.

Merry Christmas from Fallujah,

Charlie Company Engineers and Operators

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