Family Receives Letter, Flag, and Prayer from Chaplain in Kuwait

Flag Received by Family

For those of you that don't know, our Police Department has a Police Chaplain named Reverend Ken Hogg from the Walled Lake Missionary Church in Walled Lake, MI.

I didn't realize that Rev. Hogg had a brother named Mike that is a Military Chaplain stationed in Okinawa, Japan. Mike's best friend is a Chaplain for the Navy and is currently stationed in Kuwait, his name is Philip King.

Rev. Hogg contacted his brother Mike and ask about retrieving a flag from when Justin was flown to Kuwait from Iraq. Chaplain Mike Hogg contacted his friend Chaplain King about this.

Unfortunately, the request came a little late and the flag from Justin's casket was mixed up with those from his fallen comrades. However, Chaplain King did secure a flag from one of the 14 fallen Marines from that day and was able to fold it to "Field Specs" and forwarded it to Rev. Hogg.

It was presented to Justin's family on Saturday along with a letter describing the events surrounding the flag and Justin's journey.

Also included with it was a copy of the prayer that was prayed over Justin both where he was killed in the field and prior to leaving for the States.

The family wants to share this with everyone so they know what kind of outstanding treatment our fallen warriors are shown and make sure everyone sees the care that they received.

Prayer over our Patriots

Lord God,
What a bloody field of fallen patriots is spread before our weary gaze. In this empty and desolate place our brother's lives have been spilt out across an indifferent earth. Yet our hearts are not indifferent, and we are troubled to our very souls that these young men's lives have been given for all of us.

These difficult nights our spirits have been heavy laden seeing the enormous cost in lives this war demands: and yet how can we not be inspired and encouraged by the bravery and dedication of these son's of our Nation? Haunt us Holy One, with their sacred image set here before us, that we find means and resolve to carry on the torch of hope, liberty and service that these men bore to their final breath.

O God before whom generations rise and pass away: hold these, your children gathered before you now, in your eternal book of life. We ask that you bless all Soldiers, Marines, Airmen, Civilians and Families who are bound together by their arduous calling, struggle and responsibility of freedom. Grant, Great God, that we might see in their loss, not the evil of humanity, but rather the better day for which they gave their very lives. In these labors show us your way, your truth, and your life, that we might at long last find rest in your peace.

Now eternal God, we bless you for the great company of all those who have kept faith, finished the race and who now rest from their labor. We commend these Heroes, Fallen friends, that now stand among those Saints, to your merciful care, and their loved ones and their families to your spirit of counsel and compassion. Linger here with us Lord, and may your peace, which passes all understanding, keep our hearts and minds in the mercy and care of our Lord's Love: from this night forward, and forever more.


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