Local Mom Talks About Losing Soldier Son

11/16/04- The mother of a mid-Michigan Marine killed in Iraq speaks out for the first time about the life of her son. Lance Corporal Justin M. Ellsworth was killed just 4 days ago in Iraq. Now family of the 20 year old from Mount Pleasant is coming togetherto honor the life of their cousin, grandson, brother and son.

As the family comes together,they say they want to remember Lance Corporal Ellsworth for his life,not his death. His mother Tracy talked to us earlier. She wanted to share her memories of her son.

Tracy Loveberry-Ross, Justin Ellsworth's mother: "H is whole motivation was family and friends, that's what made him so special. He was just mr. dependable. If something needed to be done, Justin was the one to do it. He played hockey, was an avid skier, rode horses, anything outside, that's really what he loved the most. All of the activities he enjoyed revolved around friends and family. He was there for support. He was the oldest. He was the one who took care of everybody. Always kidding around with his brothers. He truly believed in the corps life, always others before himself, and that's why he went in to the corps. We're very proud of him for joining the service. He was serving his country because he believed it was important. He led the most honorable life. He gave it his all, always. He was brought to us as a gift, and he will always be a gift."

As the family mourns the loss of their loved one,little is known at this time concerning what exactly happened to Lance Corporal Ellsworth. The Department of Defense says he was killed in the al Anbar province in Iraq as a result of enemy action. Fallujah is located in that province just southwest of Baghdad. Ellsworth is the 3rd Michigan soldier to die in Iraq in the last 5 days.

Governor Jennifer Granholm has asked Michigan residents to fly their flags at half staff beginning Wednesday for Lance Corporal JD Reppuhn of Hemlock,Thursday for Private First Class Dennis Miller Junior of LaSalle, and Friday for Lance Corporal Justin Ellsworth of Mount Pleasant.

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